Exhibiting Designers

Listed below is a partial listing of designers confirmed and registered for fashion week.   The schedule and the list of exhibiting designers are subject to change.



Opening Night at Dirty Martini (FEB 22)

Next Generation Designers (College Designers Exhibit) & Fashion Industry Networking Party

  1. Amanda Elie, (Maryland Institute of Art)
  2. Autumn by Gamondi Howard (Howard University)
  3. Cams Clothes (Howard University)
  4. Charlie Rinco- Rodriguez (Maryland Institute of Art)
  5. Genesis Bates (Howard University)
  6. Josie B. (Delaware State University)
  7. Olivia Rae Designs (Howard University)
  8. Patricia Agendia (Morgan State University)
  9. Symphonique Fashion House Howard University)

Embassy of Haiti Presents Haiti Designers Showcase (FEB 23)

Emerging and well-established fashion brands representing Haiti show their latest product offerings.

  1. Prajje Jean-Baptise

Others to be announced.

Metropolitan Emerging Designers  & Indie Artists (M.E.D.I.A) Showcase (FEB 24)

  1. Dur Doux
  2. Linestrax
  3. Malcolm Custom Made to Fit
  4. Maison Chazelle
  5. Margaret Garrison
  6. Michael Lombard
  7. Nadia Azum Silk
  8. Provacatuer

International Couture Collections Show hosted the Sphinx  at  Franklin Square  (FEB 25)

  1. Cashmere & Pearls (United States)
  2. Corjor International (United States)
  3. FlowerBaum (United States)
  4. House of Marsya (Indonesia) 
  5. Lady Mariama Designs (Senegal)
  6. MMP (United States)
  7. Ri Noor (United States)
  8. Stephane Koerwyn  (France)
  9. The  Valdecio Collection (United States)
  10. Y-U-L-I-Y-A (Ukraine)