6 Hacks That Makes Your Home More Beautiful Instantly


To make your house more attractive and comfortable, you need to clean it. You don’t need to spend a lot a lot of money redecorating. Just learn how to make the best of what you have. Following, we are suggesting a few tips that will help you make your house a lot more attractive.

First Impressions

What do people see when they first come inside your home? They see your organization. You need to give your home an outstanding appeal by organizing everything, make sure no place is cluttered. Everything needs to be well-maintained including your lawn, front door,and exterior.

These changes make your space look inviting and your house more attractive.

Get Rid of Clutter

Cluttering your home with stuff you don’t need is the worst thing you can do to it. A Cluttered house looks more like a disorganized warehouse. This clutter can include anything like useless appliances, photographs, magazines, too much furniture,etc.

You need to de-clutter your space. Declutter to make more space and get rid of stuff you don’t need. Stop hoarding junk in your home.

Make it spotless

You need to clean your home, make it spotless.  It is imperative that your clean every room. You have to remove molds, wash the windows and shower curtains. Make sure you get rid of everything that can contribute to an unpleasant door. Scrub dirty surfaces and make them sparkle.

Cleaning is essential for hygiene. If you can’tdo it yourself, hire cleaning services NYC. These services know how to make the dirtiest place sparkly.

Brighten Your Home

You may like to use softlight inthe bedroom, bright light for bathroom and kitchen. The key is, you have already taken care of whatever it takes to lighten up every dark corner of your home. It makes sense, but it won’t hurt anyone if you do it with a little finesse. You can use linen or cotton curtains to let natural light inside your home

Use bright décor to brighten your home and make it attractive. Use wallpapers which matches with your floor or furniture.

Add a Personal Touch

Nothing makes your space more attractive than personalization. You need to put personal touches like décor, color combination painting (etc.) around the house. Just make sure your decorations are well placed and don’toverwhelm each other. You can add a personal touch by putting your family photos all around the house. Get a beautiful rug, and color code your walls. The possibilities are endless.

Take Care of Repairs

Be responsible and take care of repairs around your household. You have to fix anything that gets broken or spoilt. Repairing anything in time makes sure you won’t have to replace it altogether. Restoring something is a lot more affordable than replacing something likethe whole.

So be smart, take care of broken things before the damage starts to buildup and go beyond repairs. We are not suggesting you need a repairer every time around your house. No, we are only saying that you should take care of repairs in time.

Colours On Trend For 2018

Colour is everywhere and actually has an astonishing impact on our lives. Colour can affect our mood and makes us feel happy, sad or energised. Think about how much happier you feel when looking at a bright blue sky in comparison to a monotone grey sky. Hospitals focus on the effects certain colours have on our health and choose to decorate waiting areas in soft pastels, which are calming and relaxing. Brands, shops and fashion houses capitalise on our love of colour by creating trends each year. This article aims to discover the colour trends in clothes fashion and interior design fashion for 2018.

colour image source



Every year fashion houses showcase their clothes for the following season in different colour hues. This year is no different and there are definite trends in colours that stand out. For spring pastels were everywhere, ice cream colours dominated the catwalk. The delicious looking gelato colours were not subtly accompanied by a more neutral colour, they were literally worn head to toe! Lavender featured prominently and was often teamed with mint.


Another colour that is trending for 2018 is orange. Orange that is bright with no hint of subtlety at all, think traffic cone! Coats and bags featured accents of orange. Orange teamed with black and white helps tone down the colour.


To counteract the onslaught of all this colour neutrals are also on trend for 2018. Browns, creams and camel in gender neutral designs will be strong in spring 2018.


Back to colour again, yellow was a strong colour on the catwalk. Famously a difficult colour to wear it featured in different shades ranging from marigold yellow, mustard and lemon. If you find yellow a difficult colour you could try adding bright yellow accessories such as a yellow bag or scarf. women’s shirts had a splash of yellow incorporated into designs and many of the yellow colours were softened by a soft floral print.


Interior design


blank canvas or minimalism? Image


Unless you prefer the white minimalist look which is shown in the image above, you cannot help noticing that every year the colour of our homes takes on a different shade according to what’s on trend. 2017 saw camel and neutral tones, with a splash of tropical gree take centre stage.


Often fashion colours follow a similar direction to interior design. On the catwalk we saw lavender as a colour to be watched, lavender and purple is also set be one of the colours on trend in our homes for 2018.


Purple adds energy and vibrancy to a room, pantone has predicted the colour ultra-violet to be the colour for 2018. You would need to be very adventurous to completely change your decor to purple, however you could easily update the room with the addition of accessories or a statement piece of furniture.


As in clothes fashion the retro colour of marigold and mustard yellow, also makes an appearance for 2018. The colour is fun and cheerful. There are some amazing wallpaper prints to choose from, or why not paint a feature wall in mustard?


Calient a strong, vibrant red is the colour of choice by Benjamin Moore. The colour is not for the shy and retiring but adds a dramatic, fiery aspect to room decor. Best suited to dining rooms and bedrooms as an accent wall or could be achieved by a fiery red cushion or two, along with a rug.  

purples of lavender image


Thankfully for some, other colours on trend for 2018 include pastels, again reflecting fashion, pastels include mint and lavender. The sole purpose of the pastels is to provide a sole connection with relaxation and mindfulness, meaning that your home is created into a sanctuary for escaping the modern world. Blush which is a washed out salmon-pink is also on trend and pretty much acts in a similar way to the pastels in that it provides an almost neutral warm glow to decor.  


There are many more colour trends to choose from,  including colours inspired by travel, like ocean blue. When decorating be aware of how different colours affect your mood. For example using calming blues and neutrals in the bathroom will evoke a sense of well-being, a bit like entering a spa. A splash of yellow in the living room will provide energy and lift the mood, whereas bedrooms could be calming in pastels or passionate by adding a wall painted in calient red!


To conclude 2018 brings with it an array of colours both in the fashion world and in interior design, the range should be appealing to everyone and it will be easy to update your style and stay on trend with the addition of scarfs, bags, cushions and rugs. Or you could embrace the trend completely with top to toe colour!






When you’re making plans to buy a phone, what are the things you look out for aside from the price? You will be concern about the design, the functions it can perform, the user friendliness, the reliability of the brand, the guarantee duration, the customer’s recommendations and reviews and lot more. But when it comes to buying fashion dresses, the things you consider are completely different. You all know that electrical gadgets and expensive products require a much longer time and effort in making the purchase decision. However, the time you spend in buying fashion dresses will be lesser.

Everybody has got different personalities, and we love wearing things that replicate our image. If you think of a person who’s quite simple in his or her life, you may typically know them in clothes that suit their personality. Some people love to dress up, dress down and some will dress neutral in all places. Below are six main things to consider while buying fashion dresses so that you can but clothes that is worth it.

The dress must be fitted

Before purchasing a dress that fits perfectly to a dummy, pay attention on how you feel in the cloth. The cloth must not be too short, and the waistband ought to not gape at the back. If the material is itchy, then it will probably hang in your closet. If you’re uncomfortable in the cloth or if you are let down by its general attraction, then you don’t have to buy it.

The Color

Some colors complement your skin pretty well and add shades to make you look quite an undertone. Always put on few shades and see how they look on your skin whether it makes you look brighter or not. If you are a person with a dark complexion, light shades will not fit you, but in case you are mid-tan, then you will be able to pull off oranges, yellows and reds while a much fairer complexioned individual can get along with different colors.


See the material of the dress you want to buy when you wear it if you don’t feel like it’s your type then immediately keep it aside. If you are not confident enough to wear it, then you don’t have to buy it. Whatever undergarments you wear it’s usually a must to be confident in them otherwise no cloth will show the best version of you.


The place you’re wearing the dress to really matters. If it’s to a night party, to the office, to a picnic, to the gym or whatever the place may be, ensure it fits the place, and you are comfortable with it. There can be dresses that you are absolutely in love with but if the people you will me meeting in the place, dress down a bit then make sure you don’t overdo yourself.


When buying clothes, you must consider the texture of the material used. Whether it’s attractive to the eyes and soft to the touch is a factor to consider when buying fashion dresses. This is what texture is all about. Texture generates an impression that is understood by our sense of touch and sight

Illusion can be created by texture. Smooth fabric could make you look slimmer, makes you look heavier in bulky fabrics, and then makes you look smaller in dull fabrics.


During summer, we usually put on light-coloured, loose –fitting garments that make us feel more relaxed. On rainy days, given that it is cool, we wear windbreakers, jackets or any other thick clothes to warm our bodies.

Wear clothes in line with the gathering you are attending. For simple celebrations like wedding ceremony and christening ensure to dress officially. You can wear casual or less formal clothes when taking part in a club meeting, dance party or when going out with your buddies to watch a movie.

Some clothes, when worn by others appear stunning on them, but, when you try to wear them, they seem not right on your body. This is because people have different body structures and sizes. Clothes which are tight or free on you may just fit others and clothes that are tight on others might fit perfectly on you.


Try to consider these things when buying fashion dresses.


About The Author

Rachel Stinson has always had a knack for writing, food, fashion, and sports especially Golf. Blogging has combined all four for her with an added bonus of enthusiastic audiences. She expertly analyzes real estates, restaurants and online fashion stores with respect to pricing and people involved and can express her opinions in an unhesitant, engaging manner for all matters.

Zendaya Shows Off Gender Neutral Fashion. But What Is It?


It looks as if quaint notions like gender will soon be a thing of the past as academics and other members of the liberal movement strive to embrace ever greater gender diversity. We’ve seen arguments over bathrooms in school as well as who should and who should not be allowed to get married. The range of genders on offer has exploded, and now there are more than 100 at the latest count.


How this movement would affect the world of fashion, which has been separated on the grounds of male and female genders, was unclear. But now some designers have decided to make it their business to offer fashion lines that are gender neutral.


One such entrepreneur is Zendaya, the 20-year-old actress who has said that she launched the fashion clothing line in order to help make fashion more inclusive. She hopes that the new gender neutral clothing she is offering to the market will find a home among people who are yet to make up their minds what gender they actually want to be.

Wikimedia Commons


Zendaya’s motivation for the brand was for greater openness in fashion. She hopes that it will offer an alternative for people who are currently questioning or don’t want to be associated with any particular gender. Or at least that’s the spin she’s putting on it.


Although some might find her objectives noble, there’s no doubting that Zendaya is a shrewd business woman. She knew that the moment that she launched a gender-neutral fashion line, the world’s media would be all over it. Gender is the flavor of the month right now, and her latest business venture will be swooned over by left-leaning outlets and condemned by the right.


Of course, going gender neutral doesn’t have to be a massive statement. Far from it. In fact, it’s something that has been going on for decades before Zendaya launched her new line of clothing. For instance, gender-neutral clothing has been a feature of outdoor clothing for a long time. Practicality was always the overriding factor in the sector. Timberland, for example, allows people to customize their own shoe designs in any way they want. And when paired with Timberland coupons, prices are a lot more reasonable than Zendaya’s Daya lineup. What’s more, fashion doesn’t always have to be about gender anyway. In the past, fashion was less about the individual wearing the clothes and more about what the clothing represented about their community. For instance, ceremonial uniforms were never about gender: they were able celebrating and upholding the dignity of an institution.



Gender neutral fashion might be here to stay, but it’s something that has always been with us. It’s just that now we’re going to be seeing it on the catwalk modeled by people who already look androgynous. Zendaya says that she will be wearing pieces from her own collection. But given her history on the red carpet, it’s unlikely that she’ll remain gender-neutral for long. All of her clothes so far have been statements about her gender.


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